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Raising demands: We carry out our recruitment according to demands and choose targeted needful talents.
Post information: We choose high traffic volume websites, recruitment markets, and excellent university job fairs to post our recruitment demands so that they could be well known by many more high qualified talents.
Interview: We shall carry out interviews with applicants from different angles so as to get a more comprehensive knowledge of required talents, thus determining posts more accurately.
Background investigation: We shall get a good knowledge of some background materials of required talents, so as to make a more accurate program for his/her career development orientation.
Physical examination: We focus on staff’s working capabilities, while we focus more on staff’s health statement. A healthy body is an assurance for personal development.
Employment: We welcome every excellent staff to join our team. Let’s make joint efforts and create a great glory together.
 great glory together.

Staff Recruitment Process
Requested Dept Raises demands

Approval by executives and GM

GM office posts recruitment info.(or hold job fair in universities)

GM office first interview

GM office and requested dept second interview (including professional knowledge test and foreign language oral test)

Dept interview

Background investigation

Physical examination

Send out offer letter

Sign labor contract and receive personnel files

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