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Polyester Department is mainly engaged in the sale of PTA, MEG and other polyester raw materials, PET, POY, FDY, nylon chips, hexanolactam, and other products. At present, it has established long-term and stable business cooperation relationship with some well-known enterprises both at home and abroad, such as Sinopec, Taihua Plastic (ningbo) Co., Ltd, Ningbo Yisheng, LG, and Iran Petrochemical Commercial Company, etc; its sales network has covered several provinces, including Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian and Sichuan; the superior quality products and sincere service has made Polyester Department enjoy a high market reputation and influence, and establish stable trade cooperative relationship with numerous customers.
By virtue of product brands of Zhejiang and its own marketing capability, Polyester Department has adheres to the business principle of integrating domestic and foreign trade, upstream and downstream supply chain, and been actively engaged in the exploration of third-party processing, entrepot trade and other new business models; it boasts a solid business foundation and strong capacity for integrated service. Looking into the future, the Department shall continue its development and achieve more brilliant accomplishments.

Contact person:
 Cheng Xinhua、Xu Danyun
Tel: 88278543
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